Welcome to a series of web pages that will let you review and compare the WSCA-NASPO Premium Savings Package pricing offers for the current pricing cycle.

You may NOT order from these pages, they are for comparison purposes ONLY.

To order, you should go to the appropriate website for the manufacturer you have chosen and your State.  Confirm the pricing, get the SKU’s, etc. and then order the way you would always order within your State or entity. Remember, please, that your State has reserved the ability to limit your choices of configurations and options when you are actually ordering.  If you have questions about these limits, please contact the appropriate state contact.

Thank you for your interest and support of WNPSP.  If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please contact one of us.

Toby Giddings, WNPSP Team

Enterprise Goods and Services

State of Oregon, Dept of Administrative Services

Address: 1225 Ferry Street SE, U140, Salem, OR 97301

Telephone:701.328.1992 Fax Number:503.373.1626

E-mail:  toby.giddings@das.state.or.us

WSCA-NASPO Cooperative Development Team

Tim Hay, WSCA-NASPO Cooperative Development Coordinator

Telephone:     (503) 428-5705           

E-mail:      thay@wsca-naspo.org or kofferdahl@wsca-naspo.com

What is WSCA-NASPO Premium Savings Package pricing:

The WSCA-NASPO PC contracts are competitively solicited contracts for manufacturers of personal computer equipment and related devices.  The “WSCA-NASPO PC Contract price” is for ordering a single configuration, one configuration at a time.  That seemed to be the only rational way to structure a contract that is currently being used by several hundred entities in 45 states.

The solicitation and resulting contracts specifically permit manufacturers and using entities to arrange “better than a single unit price” for volume purchases (need 100 or 1,000, or maybe 10 - the term is not defined) or other instances in which there will be different situations than ordering a single possible configuration, one unit at a time.  Entities may, for instance, establish a “standard” configuration and limit/encourage/ require purchasing that “standard configuration.”

The WSCA directors authorized the creation of a WSCA-NASPO Premium Savings Package pricing (WNPSP) mechanism within the contract.

The WNPSP team is a group of interested state representatives (both procurement and technology representatives), who work to define packages (configurations) that might serve as a “state standard” or might simply be a configuration that can be widely used.  It is really up to each individual state and participating entity to make such a decision.  But, by cooperatively establishing the package, we bring potential volume to the table to get better pricing.

The current process is to redefine/update the packages every six months, so that the new pricing is available on May 1 and November 1 of each year. 

We welcome your thoughts and participation.  Please contact us, see the list above, with any questions, ideas or suggestions.

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